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We work with you to give you the time you need in a safe, confidential & supportive space, sharing the process together.

About Us

Calm Mind was established by Savva Emanon in 1987 (in Sydney) and is now based in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Savva is a fully qualified counsellor, trainer and supervisor. He is also a qualified dance therapist.


Savva holds a - B.A. in Dance Education, (majoring in Dance Therapy, Counselling & Meditation)

                          - B.A. in Metaphysics, (majoring in Pastoral Counselling & Spirituality)

                          - B.A. in Social Science, (majoring in Counselling & Social Welfare)


Connecting with his clients, showing them that he cares, empathising with them, working together to develop coping strategies, sharing the burden of the journey with them, are some of the simple philosophies behind Calm Mind.


Savva's expertise as a Counsellor includes counselling across the following areas Grief and Loss, Divorce, Marital and Relationship Issues, Parenting Skills, Eating/Weight issues, dealing with life transitions, conflict resolution, self-esteem issues and stress management, and many other specific and general areas.


As a counsellor and educator Savva has experience that spans both the private and corporate sectors.


Working in a confidential setting, Savva listens attentively to clients and offers them the time; empathy and respect they need to express their own feelings and an increased understand of themselves from a different perspective. The aim is to reduce the confusion that is felt and enable them to make decisions based on the new outlook.


Savva is a qualified trainer in: Parenting skills, Motivation skills, Mentoring and coaching, Communication skills, Conflict resolution, Assertiveness, Time management, Stress management and Goal setting.


Savva approaches supervision from an wholistic and collaborative framework, using a number of different models of supervision. He can be a teacher, a mentor, a co-therapist and an supervisor.


In group sessions, Savva is able to undertake the role of group facilitator.



"Without the support from Savva my life would still be a mess. Thank you for your guidance."

Jimmy Ristevski


"Every time I see Savva I leave feeling alive, refreshed and a weight lifted from my shoulders."

Tony Johnston


"Our relationship was heading nowhere but now with Savva's help we have found each other again. He is gentle and wonderfully empathetic. Thank you for your ongoing support for the both of us."

James & Susan W


"Calm, compassionate, understanding and alway supportive. I didn't think anyone could understand what I was going through, how wrong I was. Savva just knows how to help every time."

Samantha Greene


"Thank you for being you Savva. I have not felt so relaxed and capable for such a long time. Your support has been fantastic and much appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone who needs professional support."

Name Withheld


"Our relationship has grown deeper and we are in love with each other again. Your support of us and our issues has been so appreciated and the ongoing help we receive and the continued learning is allowing us both to 'find our love again'. Thank you Savva."

Simon & Julie S


"I had thoughts of self harm and was in a deeply dark space. With you help, Savva, I have been able to turn those feelings and thoughts around. It has been a very scary journey but you have supported me through this period and I am so grateful to have come to see you. I would recommend Savva to everyone and anyone who needs to find that light at the end of their dark tunnel."

Tony B


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Calm Mind Counselling

Individuals, couples and family therapy in a relaxed and caring environment with a counsellor and psychotherapist with over 35 years experience.

Location - Coffs Harbour, NSW

Phone - 0421 705 499

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About Us

Calm Mind was established in 1992. Its mission statement was and still is to provide a therapeutic environment where people feel safe to explore their emotional, mental or spiritual issues. At Calm Mind we work with individuals, couples, families and groups.


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